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Inspiration & Meaning Behind Siena Vida

I have always loved scrunchies for their ability to add a personal touch to any outfit. But no matter where I searched I couldn't find truly sustainable scrunchies. Ones that made me feel as good as they looked. That's when the idea for Siena Vida was sparked. ⁠

How did we come up with the name Siena Vida?
Woven into the foundation of the brand is my Nonna. My Nonna Ida taught me how to sew and her name is prominent in the brand: Ida plus V for Vanessa equals Vida. And Vida just so happens to mean life.⁠

Siena comes from my favourite city in Italy and one of my most cherished travel moments. One of true bliss and joy as I cycled through the vineyards under the Tuscan sunset.

All of this inspiration: sustainability, personal style, family, travel, and joyful moments come together to create Siena Vida. ⁠


We hope to redefine hair accessories while addressing sustainability in the industry and creating new ways for you to showcase your personal style, all while bringing bliss and joy to your personal care routine.⁠



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