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Sustainability isn't enough. We do more.

Siena Vida is committed to practices that honour the Earth. Since day one, Siena Vida has been a sustainable hair accessories company with the intention of offsetting the damage that the Fast Fashion industry has created. In order to extend our positive environmental impact, Siena Vida has partnered with TreeEra, a mission-driven organization that is combatting climate change by planting thousands of trees across the world. 

Why are trees so important?

Climate Change is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive solution across businesses, governments, and communities. We believe every organization needs to incorporate a plan to reduce global warming. Trees are one of the most beneficial, natural ways to combat carbon pollution. 


〰️  A single tree can produce 260+ pounds of Oxygen - which is necessary to breathe!
〰️  Trees clean the air by absorbing pollutants- an acre of trees can absorb the same amount of CO2 emissions as a car being driven 41,000 km!
〰️  Trees help cool our planet down by evaporating moisture in the air using their leaves. In fact, if there were 1,000 more trees planted in Los Angeles, scientists estimate that the average temperature would cool by 2 °C
〰️  Trees reduce our exposure to harmful UV-B rays by about 50% which reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.