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Muse No. 2: Marilyne from BKIND

Meet Marilyne, founder of BKIND, a Montreal-based company that creates natural, non-toxic, vegan plant-based skincare. We are happy to host Marilyne on today's Muse series where we chat about her inspiration for the business and a sneak peek of what's next for BKIND 👀.


What inspired you to start BKIND?

I started making products (hand balms) on my own at home. They were offered to family and friends. It started because I have sensitive skin; I could not find a brand, no ingredients or any makeup that did not affect my skin. The company started in 2014, in my kitchen and we now have a boutique in Montreal and a 17 000 sq warehouse! :)

What does a typical day look like?

LOL! Essentially putting out fires! Otherwise, it's working on a Health Canada submission, or on a Christmas visual idea, doing accounting, working on the creation of a contest. All at the same time! hehe

What’s next for BKIND?

We want to introduce our products to as many people as possible. It is possible to have a beauty routine considering the environment and animals, by offering products made in Quebec, natural and vegan, with zero waste options. No matter the size and scale of our business, we will always remain vegan, in our products and in our philosophy, and support local production. Our dream and plan for the next years is to have our own building built in Montreal, with solar panels and a green roof. Having our boutique and our warehouse under one roof would be great!


What is your favourite part of your job?

Testing out new recipes and plan little things for the team. :)

Life motto?

‘’The show must go on.’’ It has been the motto since the pandemic started!


Any advice for others who want to start a small business? 

To surround yourself with good people! As much to have a little help as the expertise of the people around you. :) You must learn everything (in general).

What is the most challenging part of starting a small business?

To be known I imagine! When you start from scratch it's long and hard to make yourself and your company known.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Make conscious choices :)

What are some other businesses that you think are doing well in the environmental space? 

Companies of vegan alternatives in food and zero waste/bulk stores.

Do you have any other tips on how to incorporate sustainability into one's everyday life?

Change one thing at a time! Start with easier items (like our shampoo bar hehe) to not get discouraged.


Check out BKIND's collection at

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