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Muse No. 3: Rachel & Sade from Sade Baron

On this week's Muse series, we sat down with Rachel and Sade, the mother/daughter duo behind Sade Baron. Why We Love Them: Sade Baron has a commitment to create products that have your beauty & health in mind. All of their products are 100% natural, ethically processed, fragrance free and certified vegan.

What inspired you to start Sade Baron?

My mother and her great-aunt Dali. As a mother and daughter team, we started off exploring Sade's history, inspired by her great-aunt Dali who gave Sade the passion of botany, herbs and helping people with their skin.

Our products are centred on giving customers a roadmap to healthy skin, and our products deliver on their promises. They support the potential of the skin to heal itself, as the products contain premium, natural, heritage ingredients and frictionless formulations. Our mission is to give each and every customer healthy, glowing skin.

What does a typical day look like?

Usually my work day starts at 9 am with reviewing my tasks from the previous day. Tackling those and adding new tings. I speak to the warehouse and shipping department to ensure orders are going out accordingly. Followed by meetings with my team and working on various projects relating marketing, sales, logistics and product development.

What’s next for Sade Baron?

That's a very good question. I think we are going to focus on more advanced body care products that focus on more active ingredients. Continuously, be innovative with ingredients offering and formulation processes.


What is your favourite part of your job?

    Absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. It's super fun seeing the growth and changes in our brand. Overall the job has so many layers, and I am really passionate about the brand and the business.

    Life motto?

      Just Do It. Never ever give up.

      Any advice for others who want to start a small business?

        Go for it, and lay out a plan. Be able to adapt, pivot and course correct as you get more information. I think sometimes we think too long about certain ideas, but and let fear dictate things.

        What is the most challenging part of starting a small business?

          Funding and not have enough information how your customer will react to your products.

           Sade Baron bar of soap

          What does sustainability mean to you?

            For us it has been ensuring we are working with as many local farmers we can in Canada, US and local ones abroad that grow sustainable. In terms of our packaging we do not have boxes for all our products to avoid waste.

            What are some other businesses that you think are doing well in the environmental space?

              Patagonia and Girlfriend Collective

              Do you have any other tips on how to incorporate sustainability into one's everyday life?

              We all think that sustainability is something you have to perfect at, but you can do your part by the little things and we all participate. For example I use re-usable bottle, I have cotton grocery bags, I use reusable wax paper to seal my food. I started to use the laundry detergent strips.


              To see more of what Rachel and Sade are up to and to browse their products, go to


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