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Four Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday

During the holiday season, we're trying to reduce our environmental impact while still enjoying family traditions. It's not about being perfect, it's about making a few small changes for the good of the planet.⁠

✨ Opt for homemade decor that's biodegradable like homemade wreaths, dried citrus garland, and paper snowflakes. ⁠


🎁 Did you know most wrapping paper isn't recyclable? Try wrapping gifts in recyclable paper, reusing newspaper or magazines, or skip the wrapping altogether. ⁠

🤩 When it comes to the gifts themselves, we recommend items your recipient actually needs, and looking for high-quality goods that'll last. Think sustainable materials and local products. ⁠

😋 No matter the holiday you celebrate, there's definitely food involved. Consider purchasing locally grown food where possible to support local farmers and vendors.⁠


What's your favourite way to have a more eco-friendly holiday? ⁠Let us know in the comments!

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