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5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably on Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have now become the two biggest (and most wasteful) shopping days of the year. On Black Friday 2020, consumers spent over $9 billion via online shopping, a staggering 22% increase from the year prior, according to CNBC

As a brand dedicated to helping you shop more sustainably and mindfully this year, we’re here to help counteract this harmful statistic! 

Here are 5 tips to have a more eco-friendly Black Friday weekend. 


1. Shop Intentionally

Look, we get it! It’s hard to be intentional when companies are constantly bombarding and reminding us of the massive discounts and amazing savings out there (who doesn’t love a great deal!) This leads to buying on impulse for things we want rather than what we actually need.

The cure? It’s really simple - make a list of things you have been meaning to purchase all year, or a holiday gift for a special someone, and purchase the items only on that list! That way, you can compare if there is a sale running specifically for something you’ve had your eye on!


 2. Choose a Higher Quality Products 

A higher quality product will last longer and therefore create less waste! We call that a WIN WIN! 

Generally speaking high quality products tend to come at a higher price point, but the benefits to your wardrobe / home in the long run and the added benefit of helping the planet create less waste outweighs the temporary squeeze on your wallet. It also gives you a product that you can use and love for many years. 

Remember: giving fewer but more quality items is the best way to gift sustainably. 


2 folks looking at a laptop with holiday boxes and wrapping in front of them

3. Shop Local & Support Sustainable 

These are the businesses that put a lot of effort, time and money into using natural-derived materials/fabrics and eco-friendly packaging. While they may not have the advertising budgets other big box stores do to showcase their sales, they are still out there and are just a simple search away! 

You are going to get a great, eco-friendly product that was packaged with love, PLUS a small business owner will be doing a happy dance (we can confirm from experience)!


 4. Stock up on essentials

We all have our personal faves - this holiday season is the perfect time to stock on those essentials! Bamboo toothbrushes? Eco-friendly undies? If there are products you love to use, why not take advantage of the holidays for a discount?  Count us in!


5. Ditch the plastic bags

If you are opting to shop in person this year, bringing your own reusable bags can avoid the plastic bag waste from the stores you will be purchasing from. 


This season: shop intentionally. shop sustainably. shop mindfully. I hope these tips have brought value to you to help make mindful decisions when shopping this Black Friday weekend. 

If you are looking for some great sustainable gift ideas, we recently posted a blog post on our Holiday Gift Guide to make sustainable gifting, easier! 

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